"If I could make a wish, it would be for everyone to experience how it feels to be healthy! By that I don’t just mean that we’d all be in great shape. Good health is all encompassing: It’s being strong physically and mentally. It’s nourishing our bodies and our hearts. It’s working hard at achieving our goals and having the grace to forgive ourselves when we fall short."

I’ve got your back … and your booty, and your biceps

The road to feeling healthy and strong can have a lot of speed bumps (or cupcakes) along the way. It may be riddled with a series of blown diets, workout trends and broken promises. Don’t wait for the “next Monday” to get your shizzle together! Ask for support. I’ve been there. (In fact some days I still visit there.) It takes more than a laundry list of “shoulds” to feel vibrant and strong! It takes support from someone who has walked in the same pink sneakers. Let go of the scale and LIVE. Track me down. I’ll be the one in pink.

Sharon is extremely inspirational and accepting, tender yet tough, generous in her motivation, loyal to herself and others. She lives in the present moment and is continually conscious of her blessings.



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