About Sharon Prothe

Sharon Prothe is an athlete, fitness and nutrition coach, yoga teacher and expert brownie maker. She loves to inspire people to get sweaty and be strong, and also to become more mindful about the choices they make regarding their health. She believes everyone deserves to reach their fitness, strength, health and happiness goals.

Sharon knows first-hand how it feels to be in an endless-seeming cycle of “chasing the calorie.” Like a lot of people, she often found herself exercising too hard out of guilt for eating “too much,” or skipping a meal altogether if she hadn’t worked out. Her struggle with a negative body image and self-defeating “mind chatter” about how things should be drove her fitness goals. Things were out of balance.

But then she went back to what she’d learned as a student of nutrition and dietetics, and to what she was discovering as a student of yoga: Being intentional about our lives—including how we eat and how we move our bodies—is the key to a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Sharon learned to bring more sanity—and more fun—to her own workouts. And she became more mindful in her eating, choosing wisely and savoring every delicious bite.

Now Sharon finds great joy and purpose helping others navigate their own journeys to well-being. Each month Sharon leads a series of four-week workshops designed to bring a more holistic approach to health and fitness. She teaches yoga. And she offers private nutrition coaching to people who want to work more in-depth on their health goals.

Sharon has a bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Kansas State University and has studied at the Culinary Institute of America. In 2009 she completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher training at Kansas Siddhi Yoga under the direction of Gina Caputo, E-RYT. Sharon has completed two marathons and in 2012 completed her first Half Ironman triathlon.